DIYPlanner in The Scope

scope student survival guide coverOver the past two years I’ve watched as my husband’s website has grown from a simple concept for a few pieces of paper into an active community site with regular writers, contributors, and tens of thousands of visitors from the four corners of the globe each day. I’ve watched with some surprise and not undue pride as his small hobby and love of tinkering has gradually won the attention of numerous major productivity websites, and even the likes of the Boston Globe, CNN, Pen World, Washington Post, Sacramento Bee, a DIY televison network, Fortune Magazine, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, and an interview with the New York Times among others… but today it did my heart much good to see a show of support from our home province. An especially cool little St. John’s based arts and entertainment paper called the Scope with a circulation of some seven thousand did an article which featured for their “Student Survival Guide” issue. You can read the interview and other articles in the online version of their paper which came out today.