Happy Birthday Baby!

Conor in light, snapshot by mommy.Conor is one year old today, and we are having a little party with family to celebrate. He loves music, playing with his blocks, trying to call the doggy, and laughing (which he spends most of his time doing, especially when watching the Muppets with daddy). Conor is also quite a brilliant painter! He does beautiful work with frozen wild blueberries, mostly on tray.

Conor Smiling in highchair.

I have sketch book/art journal filled with more thoughts for work than I have years on earth. In it I doodle, and record random thoughts for bodies of work and individual paintings. I put them down on paper when inpiration hits, and if in a year an idea still rings true then I will run with it.

In the back I collect words that speak to me for those days when I need a little more help. It is a way to call on the strength and wisdom of the world. Most of the quotes relate to my work, and some to everyday life. It’s a lovely thing to hold, to flip through whenever I want to be instantly energized and uplifted. These passages are not secrets; some you will have no doubt read before. In this blog, I’d like to share a few of the gems that I’ve scribbled down over the years.

Here’s my first:

Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song, and all about you
will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow
trail. – Virginia Woolf