Illustration Friday: Broken

Body and Soul, Oil on Convas, J.Pohl, 1995
Body and Soul, Oil on Canvas; © Jennifer Pohl

I don’t think it’s possible to be human and not feel broken at least once in a lifetime.

On the day I started this piece, broken was how I felt — it was why I had to do this painting. I started working by the light of one candle in the evening and couldn’t see the colours on the canvas as I worked through the night. By the time the sun came through the window the next morning, I had finished. And I felt whole again.

Bitten, Oil on Lingerie, J.Pohl, 1995
Bitten, Oil on Lingerie; © Jennifer Pohl

He left her cold….


Conor’s First Drawing, Crayon on Card Stock; © Conor Johnston

We knew our fifteen-month-old Conor was ready for his first pack of Crayolas when he started drawing in blueberry juice with great conviction.

Between baby and work, I’ve been especially busy lately, but I’d like to share two links.

From a link on Elaine Bond’s site, I came across Operation Eden, a blog maintained –through no small effort– by photographer Clayton James Cubitt. He has chronicled stories and images of the survivors of Hurricane Katrina as only a photographer and insider could. (Parental guidance is advised.)

Crafty-girl was good enough to post about an eye-opening article from National Geographic called Gone with the Water. It is an important and enlightening read.