Illustration Friday: Dreams

Voice, Oil on Canvas by Jennifer Pohl
Voice, Oil on Canvas; © Jennifer Pohl

This painting was done over ten years ago for my first solo show, but evokes a dream I had only last week: I had fallen asleep nursing our baby and, in my dream, awoke to find an intruder trying to break into the window behind us.

Voice (detail)I couldn’t speak or move. (I think the term people use for this is the old hag.) I kept trying to cry out, but my voice wouldn’t work. Eventually I woke myself up crying out something I can’t now remember. Luckily, Conor continued to sleep peacefully, dreaming about those things that happy babies must. Of course, in real life our trusty dog would alert half the neighborhood if any silly person ever dared try such a stunt.

Rain on Pilot
Rain on Pilot’s Hill, Oil on Canvas; © Jennifer Pohl

This painting of a rainy hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland (too steep for many people to dare drive up or down during a Canadian winter) is from my Night Scene series.

Bluebells (Work in Progress)
Bluebells (Work in Progress), Indian Ink & Egg Tempera on Paper; © Jennifer Pohl

When I first tried to think of an image representing wisdom, a favourite quote from Einstein immediately came to mind: “Look deep into nature, and you will find the answer to everything.”

I wanted to post this piece before the week was up, but I also need to let it sit for a little while before I decide where to take it. When the painting is complete, I’ll update this post with the final version.

Update : the final version.

Between painting and family events I hadn’t been paying much attention to the media: Canada’s new Governor General has been announced, and I have to agree that Michaëlle Jean is a truly great choice.

Update: People are protesting the appointment on parliment hill this morning. I may to brush up on my Canadian history, but I’m not sure if that has ever happened before. More about the controversy here.