Illustration Friday: Small (and Blue)

Piano Man, Oil on Paper by Jennifer Pohl
Piano Man, Oil on Paper; © Jennifer Pohl

My interpretation of Illustration Friday this week is quite literal, in that this is a very small painting. I remember it being not much bigger than an index card. But the smallest paintings I have ever done are each only about the size of a pinky nail. If you would like you can see them in an earlier post: It’s Not the Size that Counts.

I may not be able to post new work for the next few weeks while we are busy moving. I’m also fending off morning sickness. It was much easier last pregnancy (when I had a boy), and somebody tells me that this sickness is a sign of having a girl. I’m not sure that’s very scientific, but you never know. Once I have a new workspace set up, I’m looking forward to getting back to the egg tempera, and am excited about trying my hand at pastels.

Update: I should have saved this piece for this week’s Illustration Friday word, which is blue. I wouldn’t usually submit it twice in a row, but take it easy on me! I’m pregnant and up to my ears in cardboard boxes. Less than a week to moving date. P.S.: I heard my baby’s heart beat this week.

Reading Dorian Gray (Portrait of the Artist
Reading Dorian Gray (Portrait of the Artist’s Sister), Oil on Canvas; © Jennifer Pohl

I’ve always loved to paint people with presence and it’s once of the reasons I’ve painted my sister so often and will likely do so many times again. I’ve chosen this detail of a small painting to represent the word from this week’s Illustration Friday. A portrait of my sister could have equally represented many words: witty, unique, intelligent, quirky and passionate, but more than anything she has great strength of character.

Prescott Street, Oil on Canvas, J.Pohl, 1999
Prescott Street, Oil on Canvas; © Jennifer Pohl

This little painting was the view from my studio several years ago. Thankfully, the nice man in the corner store used to let me put food on credit while I was working on my Night Scenes series, or I might have gone far more hungry. Here is a far bigger painting from the same series.

My apologies for not posting more recent work these past few weeks. I thought I may have had a strange flu and have been trying to save my energy for the work I have in process. It turns out I’m pregnant. Luckily, this time my egg tempera work is underway and I don’t have to be worried about lead poisoning from oils. It’s a much healthier medium to work with and use around small children.

I may not be able to blog quite as often for the next year, but I will do my best to update things when I can. One of the symptoms I’m experiencing is akin to sea sickness every time I look at the computer monitor. Pregnancy was more fun the first time when I could get more sleep and I wasn’t trying to nurse, but I know it will be worth it.