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I just wanted to say a special thank you to everyone for their comments. That kind of positive energy from some very talented people has been very motivating to me, especially when most days the only way I can meet the combined needs of my work, health and family is by being slightly sleep deprived. I wanted to especially thank Avaris, because her link (and blog) led me to I used to visit the affiliated hunger site to place my little click each day, but as life got busy I somehow forgot, so I’m grateful for the reminder. The animal rescue site is new to me. They also now have a downloadable and colourful toolbar for Internet Explorer, but as I am using Firefox on the Mac, I have created a set of bookmarks on my own toolbar: it will be my daily gentle reminder. There is also something to be said for the energy, sense of well-being and expansion that comes from giving. It is stepping outside of the “scarcity mentality,” or as my grandmother always said, “What you give, you get back seven-fold.” The nice thing about this site is that even if you are a starving artist (and they say the average working artist in Canada lives 25 percent below the poverty line), you can make a contribution. If you have barely a moment to spare, let it be for a mouse click. The more people that click on those buttons, the better the chances of ending world hunger, combatting breast cancer, promoting literacy, saving the rainforests, or providing health services for children around the world. Not bad for a day’s work, wouldn’t you say?